Foundation management software to streamline and connect your operations

Software designed for philanthropic organizations with robust fund accounting, relationship management (CRM), investment, and fee management activities. 

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A single, easy-to-use solution to streamline workflows, eliminate data silos, and maximize impact.

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Fund accounting + CRM


Manage your core accounting, fund accounting, CRM, event, and online donor activities in a single enterprise solution. 

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+ Grant Management


Grant Lifecycle Manager

All-in-one online grants management solution to securely manage your entire grantmaking lifecycle. 

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+ Scholarship Management


Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

All-in-one online scholarship management solution designed to organize, manage, and streamline your scholarship or bursary workflow.

Functionality and integrations built to enable sustainability and long-term success so you can focus and deliver impact. 

Fund accounting

Efficiently manage your accounting while providing the real-time information fund advisors expect. 

Events management

Run events, manage giving campaigns, and track results with ease. 

Online donations

Make it easy for community donors to give to a fund, project, or cause. 

Reporting and analytics

Drive success and growth with performance data and trends.


Use Stripe for secure online payments, Candid for streamlined donor management, and Workato to connect data to other applications.


Access constituent profiles for a 360-degree view of their journey with your organization for meaningful and accessible relationship management. 

Donor management

Strengthen and streamline donor and fund advisor relationships with real-time access to fund information – agreements, statements, balances, activity, and recommendations. 

Grant and scholarship processing

Seamlessly handle grants and scholarships from award to payment. 

Additional features

Report and communication templates provide a quick start; custom fields allow reporting on unique information.

Many qualities define a community — let CommunitySuite  provide the right tools for the work you do in yours.​

Community Foundation clients

Community Foundations

Value the purpose-built software that prioritizes client feedback to keep pace with emerging needs like managing impact investing activities. 

Hear from Noble County Community Foundation

College Foundation clients

College Foundations

Appreciate the ability to easily manage endowments and allocate investment performance to individual funds while saving time with an all-in-one solution. 

family foundation clients

Family Foundations

Can easily engage geographically dispersed stakeholders through the convenience of an online portal to make recommendations and access fund balances. 

The Claude W. & Dolly Ahrens Foundation

faith-based community foundation clients

Faith-Based Community Foundations

Value the ease of use, improved team collaboration and seamless fundraising capabilities.

Hear from Jewish Community Foundation Orange County

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Discover the power of our foundation management software

Streamlined Process Management.

Streamlined Process Management.

Simplify and automate routine processes to enhance accuracy while reducing the risk of errors.

  • Give valuable time back to your staff by making it easy to execute all the core activities of your foundation. 
  • Robust event functionality, complete with payment integration. 
  • Enable donors, affiliates, parishes, and supported organizations to self-serve the real- time information they need.

A Comprehensive Financial Solution.  

A comprehensive financial solution.  

Our all-in-one fund accounting software provides a holistic solution for managing foundation finances, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of endowed and non-endowed funds, investments, admin fees, spending policy, donations, grants, and scholarships.

  • Create filtered financial reports to accommodate reporting needs.
  • Ability to track spendable balances in real time.
  • Track pooled investment earnings with easy allocation to funds.
  • Manage pledges, bequests, charitable gift annuities, and loans.

Simplified Fund Management.  

Simplified Fund Accounting Management.  

Easily track and manage multiple endowed and non-endowed funds, donations, and grants in a centralized platform, streamlining financial operations and providing a clear overview of fund balances and activities. 

  • Customize fund groups to support your foundation’s reporting needs.
  • Easily create accurate fund statements. 
  • Support customized admin fees and create multiple distribution types to align with your foundation’s spending policy.
  • Create multiple fund statement templates all at once.

User-Friendly and Responsive.  

User-Friendly and Responsive.  

Public community donation pages make it easy to engage a larger audience in fundraising or quickly create custom pages to respond to urgent community needs, such as natural disasters. Internal team members have critical information based on needs and roles. 

  • Real-time reporting provides visibility into how activity in one area is impacting another. 
  • Set custom permissions for access and tasks. 
  • Utilize custom fields to get the information you need. 
  • Report templates offer a quick starting point.
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CommunitySuite is designed to provide a comprehensive and cohesive solution for philanthropic organizations; two components of this ecosystem are Community Scholarship Lifecycle Manager and Community Grant Lifecycle Manager, tailored to streamline your scholarship and grant management processes.

When integrated with CommunitySuite, these products offer many benefits for an all-in-one solution that enhances operational efficiency and impact. 

See Grant Lifecycle Management for Foundations

See Scholarship Lifecycle Management for Foundations

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