About Foundant Technologies

Making philanthropy easier and more impactful
through forward-looking technology solutions.

How It Started

In March 2007, we received the first online grant application through Foundant software.

Since then, we have rooted our team and work in the values our founders and early team members put into action.  As a small team, they were able to connect directly with clients and build lasting relationships – many of which endure today. At each stage of growth, Foundant has made decisions intended to maintain and further strengthen those relationships. 

Foundant Summit 2007

How Its Going

This consistent dedication connects our now 150+ team with one another and our clients. From the beginning, our team knew that active, authentic listening, learning, and action were critical to success—ours and our clients’. 

The software began in an early version of what is now known as “Idea Lab.” They asked many questions and, more importantly, listened to those who understood grants management and learned about their pain points. Then, it was time to act. 

Listen, learn, and act remain core to our team today. 

Foundant Summit 2024

To enable our clients to transform the way they do philanthropy in their communities.

“Shortly after starting as Foundant’s Chief Revenue Officer, I had the privilege of hearing a client from Idaho speak about using our solutions. I was impressed and touched as she shared the downstream positive impact it has on the lives of so many people simply by making her job easier. A few months later, I walked into day one of Summit – our national users’ conference – and saw more than 400 clients eagerly awaiting direction and insight into Foundant’s products. The power of this group to drive good in their communities took my breath away. It was a testament to the power and impact of Foundant. I am impressed with the talent and focus of our Foundant team, as evidenced by the engagement and story-sharing I’ve witnessed. The collective efforts of the Foundant team to drive great business results while making an incredible difference in the communities in which our clients work and serve make me excited to continue this journey.”

Alan Raymond, Chief Revenue Officer

Our Mission

To Maximize the Philanthropic Community

Recognizing a Need

The complexities of nonprofit and foundation work, on top of already constrained resources, make having the right tools essential. We seek to fill this need with intuitive software that makes their work easier and connections that go beyond the software. 

Becoming more than software

We commit to developing partnerships with our clients and others in the sector through trust, transparency, empathy, and accountability. We promise to make their work easier and be more than a vendor… a trusted partner. 

Customer Success

Philanthropy will change but our customers remain our focus.

At Foundant, we are obsessive when it comes to providing an amazing support experience. Making customers successful is why Foundant exists. It is the one common expectation for every employee at Foundant, regardless of role, and we are happy to prove it.

  • On average, 40% of Foundant team members have had experience in the philanthropic sector
  • 98% satisfaction with support resolution
  • 455 Idea Lab Ideas Implemented in 2023

Meaningful Connections

We are setting out to connect philanthropy.

Connections build positive impact. We see proof of this in our work with foundations and nonprofits every day. As a software partner to these organizations, it is our duty to help them maximize their impact. To that end, we focus much of our work on intentionally creating the places and spaces for making connections that help our clients. Investing in events like our Summit National Users Conference.

Connecting Philanthropy graphic

Giving back

See how Foundant Contributes to Philanthropy

Foundant proudly supports the communities in which we live. We encourage our team members to be an active part in giving back – through volunteerism and monetarily. In addition, Foundant has an employee-led Charitable Giving Committee through which we give a designated percent of our sales to nonprofits and organizations in our communities.


Foundant Company Giving in 2023

Learn how we give back

Foundant Team giving back

Foundant’s Core Values

Philanthropy. The Foundation for all we do.

Our core values serve as a unifying and guiding force—our North Star—ensuring we stay on course and don’t lose sight of our mission and the long-standing culture that makes Foundant unique.

Globe Icon

We enrich the Philanthropic Community

We are committed to being more than just our software. We are an active participant in the philanthropic community.

Connection Icon

We Create Meaningful Connections

We care for each other as people—not just as ​co-workers or clients—and are authentic to who we are. We take the time to build genuine relationships, support each other, laugh together, and celebrate our milestones together.

Upward Icon

We Operate with Excellence

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional client experiences. We do this by continually increasing the effectiveness of our teamwork and the efficiency of our systems and processes to maximize our productivity, ultimately enabling our team to maintain a healthy work/life balance while delivering work they are proud of.

Growth Icon

We have a Growth Mindset

We commit to continually make philanthropy better through our software, service, and the connections we make. We get curious about how we work and continually look for the best way to accomplish our next goal.

Integrity Icon

We work with Integrity

We are more than just our software. We are real people, and we consider the long-term impact of our decisions on all stakeholders, including team members, clients, and the broader community. We earn trust through honesty, transparency, and accountability. We maintain this trust by consistently delivering on these promises.

Our team is built on individuals working together towards a common goal; at Foundant, our common goal is to maximize the impact of the philanthropic community.

Foundant Team Members

Interested in joining the Foundant Team?

The Foundant Team is committed to delivering on Foundant’s mission by having a healthy obsession with helping our clients be successful. Whether it’s delivering working products that streamline client processes, coaching a client on best practices, or helping networks grow across philanthropy–it’s a shared responsibility across every Foundant team member. The Foundant team is made up of people who have a passion for philanthropy and seek to grow the impact of the clients they serve.

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