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Listen to discussions with experts from funding organizations, nonprofits, and more to learn about out-of-the-box programs and initiatives that are successfully tackling today’s biggest challenges.

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Discover how authentic storytelling can build trust, loyalty, and a genuine connection with audiences, forging a path towards meaningful engagement in today’s busy world.Johnna Lacey | CEO, J.M. Lacey CommunicationsJohnna is the CEO, head writer and consultant of J.M. Lacey Communications, LLC, which focuses on writing and brand storytelling, training and coaching. J.M. Lacey Communications […]
In this episode, our speakers discuss how funders can maximize their impact and improve their processes, all from the perspective of grant professionals.  Laura Cochran, GPC | Senior Development Associate, Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP)  Laura is the Grants Manager for the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP) in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been a grant […]
While AI brings many risks and uncertainties, it also presents opportunities for the philanthropic sector. In this episode, we discuss AI tools, the importance of being open to new technologies, and AI’s potential implications on human interactions and responsibilities. Cory Brester | Director of CRM and Information Systems, Foundant Technologies Cory supports a fast-growing team focused […]
Move from skepticism to success by harnessing the power of A.I. in fundraising. This episode highlights A.I.’s ability to optimize processes, reduce time constraints, and magnify impact, encouraging fundraising professionals to welcome this advancing technology as a crucial ally in their philanthropic pursuits. Maria Newhouse, Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations | Kalamazoo College  Maria brings […]
Discover the real-world stories and examples that showcase successful collaborations, demonstrating the power of unity in addressing the challenges of our time. Whether you’re a funder or a nonprofit organization, this episode offers invaluable insights and inspiration to fuel your own collaborative endeavors. Speakers: Brad Ward, Regional Director, Community Foundations | Foundant Technologies Diane H. […]
This is part 2 of a panel discussion with several nonprofit professionals answering Q&A questions about ideal relationships with funders. Learn what nonprofits wish funders knew. Stephany Hessler, Grants and Foundations Manager | Save the Bay Nonprofit professional with expertise in: volunteer management; grant research, budgeting and writing (corporate, foundation, and federal); experiential learning program […]
Are you looking to improve your grant process, application, and relationship with applicants? Does your organization want to integrate more trust-based practices into your philanthropy and be more transparent? Listen to a panel discussion with several nonprofit professionals and hear them describe ideal connections and relationships with funders. Stephany Hessler, Grants and Foundations Manager | […]
Grant professional have grant-related ethics to protect donors, organizations, and themselves—all at the same time. It’s important to adhere to these ethics, which reflect the highest standards in professional behavior. Come away from this episode with a deeper understanding of grant ethics and how to apply them throughout the grant cycle. Topics: Why ethics are […]
Facebook fundraising can be a rewarding way to involve people in positive change. Learn how it can be used for peer-to-peer fundraising, Giving Tuesday campaigns, birthday fundraisers, and more! Sean Kosofsky | Mind the Gap Consulting Sean helps nonprofit leaders develop the mindset, tool set, and skill set to increase funding and impact. he is […]
Hear community foundations discuss which systems and processes they are using to create space for the essential, impactful work supporting they do. Topics: fund minimums how to deal with inactive fundholders grant catalog feature tribute donors individual giving is trending down in the us engaging young people how to balance learning and daily work Links: […]