Grant Lifecycle Manager

Grants management software backed by responsive support

Securely manage funding activities and streamline the entire grantmaking process in one easy-to-use, cloud-based grants management software.

Grantmaker clients

Navigate grants with ease. A grant management solution to make your work easier.

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Empowering grantmakers with features built for you. Free up time to focus on your mission and maximize your impact.

Online applications and grant review

Efficiently create or modify applications, with an online review system to streamline sorting, scoring, and managing documents for a smoother, user-friendly experience.

Focus on applicant experience

Intuitive grant application software allows applicants to spend less time navigating the submission process.

Customizable forms with table and branching options

Create specific questions and formats that align with the objectives of different grants to ensure the collection of relevant and comprehensive information.


Use DocuSign for secure signatures, Candid for reliable data, and streamline payments with QuickBooks.

Impact and outcome measurement

Collect all types of grant data and stories from your grantees and the communities they serve.

Reporting on all collected data

Choose the data you wish to analyze and transfer it to our report builder, where you can customize and dissect it according to your preferences.

Automated communications

Eliminate the need for manual follow-ups with automated emails and notifications to streamline the communication flow.

Let Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) provide your unique organization with the right tools.

Education Foundation Clients

Education foundations

Reduce paperwork and enhance collaboration, improving students’ and teachers’ overall grant application experience.

Grantmaking Organization clients

Grantmaking organizations

With a robust grant management system, grantmaking organizations can consistently assess the outcomes and impacts of funded programs.

Hear from Mission and Ministry impact: Daughters of Charity

Community Foundation clients

Community foundations

Streamline grantmaking strategies with an integrated grant management system; including competitive grant cycles, donor advised funds, scholarships, community impact initiatives, and more.

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Government Organization clients

Healthcare organizations

GLM streamlines your grant management processes so you can handle multiple grants while measuring and tracking outcomes across the communities and providers you serve. 

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Discover the power of Foundant’s grants management solution.

Streamlined application process.

Streamline the entire grant process by providing a web-based, centralized platform for collecting and managing applications, reviews, approvals, and disbursements, reducing manual work to streamline workflows.

  • Assign grant follow-ups at program or individual level.
  • Ask any question and tailor forms to the specific needs of your programs, while eliminating unnecessary questions through branching.
  • Allow applicants to leverage auto-save functionality, preview follow-up forms, and copy and paste responses with rich text formatting to save time.
  • Empower multiple users with access to a grant application before submission.

Time savings.

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Automate repetitive tasks such as application tracking, document verification, and communication to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative processes, allowing staff to focus on more strategic aspects of grant management.

  • Boost application visibility and simplify the review process.
  • Provide timely updates and reminders to foster an organized, responsive grantmaking environment.
  • Efficient online applications and portals save applicants and grantees time and effort.
  • Provide applicants a quick eligibility quiz to determine if an opportunity is a good fit. Eliminate hours of data entry or re-typing information.

Improved collaboration.

GLM facilitates better collaboration among stakeholders, including applicants, reviewers, and administrators, by providing a centralized platform for communication, document sharing, and feedback.

  • An online grants management system will improve communication between foundation staff, grantees, applicants, foundation staff, board, and evaluators.
  • Grant evaluators can read and score applications securely online, reducing the need for as many long, in-person meetings.
  • Reviewers can easily access applicants’ historical data if it aids their grant review process.
  • Remove biases by making applicant information anonymous to reviewers.

Enhanced transparency.

Grant Lifecycle Manager offers transparency in the grant process, making it easier for stakeholders to track the status of application grant review processes, improving trust and accountability.

  • Track grant evaluators’ feedback and site visits on applications.
  • Store this and other historical data your grant management solution and allow staff access for years to come.
  • Track grantees’ follow-up reports.
  • Generate written or email correspondence to grantees and applicants from your grant solution on an individual or “blast” basis.

Data accuracy.

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Maintain accurate and up-to-date information by centralizing data in Foundant’s grant management solution. Allow our security features to protect sensitive grant-related information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Eliminate the subjectivity of manual data entry to best summarize a program; the applicant will do this.
  • Take the subjectivity out of the grant review process by asking reviewers to evaluate applicant responses to individual questions.

Customer service at your fingertips.

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We are committed to treating our clients as more than just dollar signs, striving to exceed their expectations whenever possible. This has allowed us to establish trust-based relationships because our clients know from our actions that we take their success and their ideas seriously.

  • Unlimited user licenses.
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited support – phone, email, chat, or knowledge base. We’re here in the format that fits you best.
  • Our community, Compass is available for clients to connect with other users about workflows.
  • A broad range of events, from networking opportunities to regional-based training and educational webinars.
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Integrate with CommunitySuite

Integration with CommunitySuite creates a streamlined way to capture and show information to the right people. Simplify the transfer of information with features such as:

  • Push a grant to CommunitySuite
  • Map profiles and funds to align with a grant award
  • When a payment is made in CommunitySuite, it stamps in your grants portal automatically
  • Automated grant and AP voucher creation
  • Automated financial tracking and reporting
  • Easily monitor grant distributions
  • Integrated payments eliminate manual checklists and internal approvals

See CommunitySuite

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