Foundant Solutions

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Creating solutions that benefit our clients, regardless of your size or the complexity of your needs.

Grant Management

We streamline the grantmaking process, so you can strengthen grantee relationships and better support multiple stakeholders – including real-time engagement with reviewers and board members. From eliminating manual grant tracking and cumbersome spreadsheets to streamlining complex grant workflows, we improve the flow of your processes so you can focus on supporting grantees.

Grant Management

We help you find and win grant opportunities, build funder relationships, and save time to spend where it counts. From identifying a grant opportunity to budgeting, expense tracking, reporting, and other post-award grant activities, our focus is to strip away the excess work and inefficiencies so you can focus on the important details. 

Fund Accounting

We help you seamlessly manage financial activities in the same system with your other organizational needs. Fund accounting, donor accounts, ticketing, and other revenue tracked and managed alongside other activities means less silos, better communication, and more opportunities to collaborate. 

Scholarship Management

We reduce the manual tasks and time to manage scholarship programs so you can shrink your workload and focus on successfully managing scholarships, bursaries, or grants to individuals with efficient workflows. 

Fundraising & Event Management

We amplify your fundraising and events by streamlining the process to remove barriers like staff turnover, communication gaps, or reporting frustrations. From live event ticketing sales and giving campaigns to tracking and reporting, relax knowing it’s all happening in one place with accurate data, so you can focus on the results.

Donor Management

We help you understand your donors at scale by tracking important moments, communications, and details. With clear records of donor interactions, you can provide a seamless experience and transparency which builds trust and long-term commitment. Personalize communications, identify trends, and rally support for your mission through a seamless tool built with your impact and growth in mind.