Grant Management

Easy grant management – start to finish.

Grantmaking Organizations

Automate and elevate your grant lifecycle by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks so you can spend more time connecting with your grantees.  

Grantseeking Organizations

Maximize your funding success by centralizing your entire grant management process in a single system integrated to elevate your organization. 

Manage all phases of the grant lifecycle more efficiently.

Grant Management Software Illustration

Oversee all grant management activities with Foundant’s solutions designed to help your organization create positive, meaningful impact.

  • For grantseeking organizations, streamline grant research, project or program planning, due diligence, spend down management, progress reporting, and other post-award activities in one system.
  • For grantmaking organizations, expedite grant program design, promote funding opportunities, enhance review committee access and experience, streamline approvals, awards and due diligence, automate award status communication, and analyze project impact.

Empowering grantmaking and grantseeking organizations with innovative features to enable lasting sustainability and long-term success.

Grantmaking Organizations

Securely and easily manage funding activities  

Efficiently create or modify applications, streamline sorting, scoring, and managing documents for a smoother, user-friendly experience and an easier grant life cycle. 

Easily build grant applications 

Customize forms with features such as tables, question branching, and rich text. Save time by organizing information in a consistent format, quickly and easily make changes, or create new applications yourself.  

Measure impact and outcomes

Collect all types of data and stories for your grantees and the communities they serve so you can understand outcomes from your funding and report your organizations’ impact to stakeholders. 

Improve your applicants’ submission experience

Intuitive grant application software allows applicants to spend less time navigating the submission process. Provide applicants peace of mind with auto-save and the ability to copy from previous applications. 

Build customizable reports  

Build reports based on how you wish to report on your data – disseminate information for annual reports, boards, website, IRS purposes, and more. Choose the data you wish to analyze and transfer it to our report builder, where you can customize and dissect it according to your preferences. 

Grantseeking Organizations

Keep track of grant opportunities 

Stay organized at any stage of a grant’s lifecycle with all details in one place, including associated funder and other profiles, internal users, tasks, notes, revenue, expenses, and lists. 

Speed up proposal creation 

Track application answers with your own digital library. Link to documents, upload files, or copy/paste text. Then, leverage AI to optimize your application answers and meet word and character limits. 

Streamline communications with funders 

Boost your organization’s impact and sustainability by maintaining relationships and knowledge despite staff turnover. Target the right funders with integrated grant database tools, develop strong proposals, and build long-term relationships that lead to future funding opportunities.

Track your funder relationships 

Organize your current and prospective funder information in one place. Track contact information, grant history, relationships, tasks, notes, and email communications. Link profiles to one another to provide a valuable picture of connections across your community. 

Manage post-award grant management and financials. 

Keep grant management simple: track awarded revenue, due dates, and expenses. View an overview of fund usage, create budgets, and optimize resource allocation.