Scholarship Management

Easy scholarship management – start to finish.

Scholarship Providers

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks. Automate your scholarship lifecycle to spend more time connecting to your applicants.

Make every aspect of scholarship management more efficient.

Two women working in Scholarship Management Software

Oversee all activities related to scholarship management with Foundant’s solutions designed to help your organization lead impactful projects and create positive, meaningful impact.

  • For scholarship providers, expedite scholarship program design, promote funding opportunities, enhance review committee access, streamline approvals and awards, automate award status communication, and analyze project impact. 

Scholarship management services & solutions

Manage your entire scholarship lifecycle

Organize, manage, and streamline your scholarship workflow. Efficiently create or modify applications, streamline sorting, scoring, and managing documents for a smoother, easier experience.

Online scholarship acceptance and renewal 

Unlimited follow-up forms streamline the process and cover everything recipients need to do after acceptance – from thank-you letters to enrollment verification. Automated reminders and post-acceptance information can be submitted online, making tracking easy. Manage multi-year awards, renewable scholarships, and payment commitments seamlessly.

Measure impact and outcomes 

Collect all types of data and stories such as graduation rates, enrollment numbers, and financial disbursements to help measure program impact. 

Build customizable reports  

Choose the data you wish to analyze and transfer it to our report builder, where you can customize and dissect it according to your preferences. 

Matching criteria 

Get qualified students into applications and ensure no scholarship goes unfulfilled. Foundant’s matching criteria features save valuable time and improve the experience for both applicants and administrators.

Reporting and analytics 

Throughout the scholarship lifecycle, data is collected from applicants, third parties, reviewers, and staff. Imagine being able to quickly and easily access this information in one location to share your story with stakeholders.

Improve your applicants’ submission experience  

Easy scholarship application software allows applicants to spend less time navigating the submission process. Provide applicants peace of mind with auto-save and the ability to copy from previous applications.

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