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You Fly, We Buy – August 2014: A Training Adventure in Montana

At Foundant, we strive to connect with our clients on a number of different levels. A large part of this means looking for multiple ways to meet with them in person and work on their expertise and interactions with the Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) software.

As many of you may know, 2014 has marked our first year offering a unique training experience….located right here in our home town of Bozeman, Montana! You Fly, We Buy events offer clients the unique opportunity to receive hands-on training with the Foundant team AND enjoy everything that Montana has to offer.

“I feel the magic of You Fly, We Buy as a whole is the type of connections that are made between clients and other clients, and with the Foundant team. Clients learn from each other, develop lasting relationships and professional contacts. The hands on training is extremely effective for the attendees, but also provides better insight for the Client Success Managers (CSMs) as they are able to move beyond training into learning more about how a specific client’s organization operates. In a much shorter way of saying this, the level of intimacy is what makes You Fly, We Buy unique and so valuable. Final general thought: We LOVE to show people where we live and for them to see us in our natural environment. I think they walk away with a better appreciation for what we do as well as with a view of us as more than just their vendor.”

~Mark Larimer, Foundant VP of Marketing and Client Services

August 4th and 5th marked our third You Fly, We Buy event of 2014. The only way to truly understand the magic of You Fly, We Buy is to attend an event, but we hope (if you haven’t attended) you’ll get a feel for it from some of the feedback we received from both clients and Foundant team members – and, of course, pictures and video recap.

“Well, I truly do not know where to start! The entire Foundant Family blew me away! Everyone was so genuine! You all made us feel like part of your family. I appreciate your help in finding a hotel and especially putting people together prior to arrival. That was perfect! Because of that I made a few new friends that I have kept in touch with since coming home…Barb and Chris! I spent a lot of time with both of them prior to our meeting on Monday! I love the format of the meeting too! I especially liked the “one-on-one”! Please thank Daren and Shelby for opening up their beautiful home and for that outstanding dinner! I loved meeting their goats, horse and doggy too! My God, I could move to Montana in a second. I have not stopped talking about my trip since I’ve been back! Please thank your entire staff for me!”

~Jane Nalieri, Thoreau Foundation

“I felt that the Tips and Tricks presentation (by Sammie) was the most useful part of the entire session. Our clients were so excited about the things they learned. There were several system functionalities that were new to the clients. After the Tips and Tricks presentation the CS team members on site helped the clients implement the tips and tricks they had just learned. Such as:

• Managing Organizations
• Formatting-Rich Text
• New Roles
• Site Attributes
• Admin Specific Notifications

A couple of the most popular things I implemented were, adding a friendly name to the emails sent from the system and adding logic to the registration page questions. For example, you can require that the state field answer is provided as the state’s abbreviation, instead of the entire state name spelled out. This means consistency in responses and therefore, better data and reporting.

The other really neat thing about this session was how collaborative the clients were. All the clients were willing to share their personal tips and tricks, and their best practices using Foundant software. It was really neat to see these organizations work together to help each other better use the software.

On a personal level it was wonderful to meet the individuals that are responsible for the good works that occur in our local, national and global communities.”

~Reina Gallion, Foundant Client Services

“This week I had the opportunity to join the August You Fly, We Buy training in Bozeman, Montana. It was excellent! I’ve attended a lot of trainings and conferences throughout the year and by far this one tops them all. The lectures, hands on workshops, and one-on-one time with Foundant team members really taught me so much. I am excited to put all that I’ve learned into action. I also want to add a special thank you to Daren and Shelby for a wonderful dinner at their ranch and to Andy and Betty for helping me work through our organization reports. I plan on attending lots of Foundant events in the future.”

~Lisa Lennox, Florida Humanities

“I typically ask attendees about our communication around downtime and releases, as well as if our releases are non-disruptive. It was nice to hear from the attendees that they felt we do a good job of communicating about downtime and releases in a timely manner. I also was glad to hear that our releases do not cause much disruption for them.”

~Chris Dahl, Foundant VP of Development

“It was really neat to interact with our customers in such a close way. I was part of the dinner at Daren’s and Discussions with Dev, both situations were really neat and it felt like everyone was really engaged and having a good time talking, teaching, and learning indiscriminately. It was really cool to learn about what people’s foundations are supporting and that we are helping them support all their individual causes. I really like hearing people’s stories and definitely look forward to the next time I get to visit with them and other clients.”

~Nick Combs, Foundant Software Developer

“I’m not sure if it’s unique, but in addition to grants, I learned how to set up recording the employee volunteerism grants we offer, as well as tracking our sponsorships – which are separate from the grant process, but I learned can still be tracked in Foundant.

~Christine M. Williams, ITC Charitable Giving Program

“I only attended the social hour. But from what I saw it seemed like giving the attendees an opportunity to meet and get a chance to know each other before their training started seemed to make the experience better for them. Lots of good feedback and true friendships were created. I think that it is pretty amazing that Foundant fosters and creates opportunities for our clients to have true peer to peer interaction coupled with really great training.”

~Suzie Boyer, Foundant Operations Manager

“It feels like you are actually part of the company (Foundant); not just a client, but I feel like I’m part of your team. You guys are awesome and I’m beyond pleased to have selected you as our grants management provider. Keep up the good work!”

~Christine M. Williams, ITC Charitable Giving Program

“The fact so many people came in early and were able to spend a day or two together either before or after the event made this You Fly, We Buy special. It was fun to see people take advantage of their time here to explore Yellowstone, Glacier, Big Sky, The Sweet Pea Festival, and the Bozeman Stampede Rodeo. I feel this group, despite being the largest, got to know each other much better and walked away with a little more due to their new relationships.”

~Mark Larimer, Foundant VP of Marketing and Client Services

We hope this has given you a small taste of what our You Fly, We Buy events are really all about: learning, connecting, and sharing. We enjoy them just as much as our clients!

If you would like to attend a You Fly, We Buy event, please visit the Foundant Client Community.

Please enjoy this recap video of our August 2014 You Fly, We Buy event.

Please enjoy this recap video of our August 2014 You Fly, We Buy event.