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Writing Code; Making a Difference

Growing up, I never envisioned I’d be working with computers every day. There were only a few of them in my high school, and the idea of sitting at one all day was not appealing. I grew up working on my family’s ranch (see photos below), and having spent a lot of time outdoors, I was more interested in work that kept me out of an office.

I always enjoyed solving problems, though, and not long after college I worked for a company that needed someone with computer savvy; at the time, in spite of fairly limited computer experience, I was the most qualified. Over time, as I worked to address the company’s needs, I ended up becoming increasingly interested in how I could create programs that not only helped others do their jobs more efficiently, but also gave them time for more strategic work. The problem-solving aspect of programming clicked with me, and it continues to be rewarding to see people using systems I helped build.

The other aspect of programming that I’ve grown to appreciate is the partnership that needs to exist between the team developing a solution and the user community. I believe our online community will help our customers establish and further develop relationships between each other, while also enhancing their existing partnership with the Foundant team. Ultimately, for any work we do to be meaningful, it has to make a positive difference for our customers, and we all hope to continue learning how Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) is doing that.

At the same time, I’m also looking forward to better understanding the challenges our customers face. While sitting at the computer and writing code is one part of programming, the more interesting and important part is learning about the needs of users and working to design a solution that addresses those needs as simply as possible. The more diverse the user community is, the more challenging this step is, and the more important it is to continue developing a strong partnership between our team and you, our customers.

I know that like us, you care deeply about what you do, and I believe we’ll see that evidenced in your participation in this community.  I’m excited to be joining the Foundant Team as the VP of Research and Development, and I look forward to watching this new online community and our partnership grow.

Writing Code in Montana

Writing Code in Montana