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Working Hard and Reenergizing at Foundant

Company culture is something we think about constantly at Foundant and we spent a lot of time on this subject during our recently completed mid-year meetings. Coming from a rural, farm and ranch background, it’s taken me awhile to accept the fact that the solution to every problem is not always just to work harder. I now see that things like personal balance and team chemistry are actually critical components of productivity and sustainable company success.

Our team accomplished tremendous results in the first half of 2013. We hosted 11 user group meetings across the country, added 59 new clients, helped 56 existing clients “go live” and completed the majority of our Product Push that introduced as many enhancements in three months as we usually release in 7 or 8 months, to name just a few of our many accomplishments. We had important planning work to do during our mid-year meetings but we also had some important celebrating to do as well!

On the business front, our friend Joe Esparza from Leadership Outfitters led a great session designed at helping us eliminate barriers to creativity and encourage a work environment where new ideas and risk taking are encouraged. We’re very proud of all we’ve accomplished but we realize we need new ideas and want everyone on our team thinking about how we can do more to better serve our clients. We also spent time reviewing all the goals we set during our annual planning session in January to make sure we still have the right priorities and have teams and plans in place for executing against those goals. It was great to see the progress we’ve made on our goals and the team came up with great ideas to move these goals further over the rest of the year.

We were conscious to allocate only about half of each day to the serious stuff so we had plenty of time to play during our retreat. My wife Shelby recently completed a major career transition and she’s now a certified yoga instructor so we all enjoyed having her lead us through sessions on occupational yoga (for those of us that spend too much time sitting behind a desk and/or on an airplane) and meditation. We also played a round of golf in a scramble format so everyone could participate regardless of experience. We finished our event with a float down the Jefferson River where everyone was able to enjoy a beautiful Montana afternoon in a tube, raft or kayak. We’ve shared a few of the family-friendly photos from our various activities.

We’re now back to our regular work flow but I think we set an exciting direction for the next several months. I look forward to reporting on even more accomplishments from our team as the year progresses.

– Daren Nordhagen, Foundant President



Foundant President, Daren Nordhagen, Addressing the staff during morning meetings

Morning meetings, recapping with the group our accomplishments so far this year.


Taking a break during Foundant meetings

Tuesday night’s family BBQ


Suzie, Mike, Betty and Daren ready for golf - Company Culture

Golfers Suzie Poppe, Mike Schuld, Betty Bloomer and Daren Nordhagen



Company Culture: Floating During Midyear Planning at Foundant

Beautiful Montana afternoon on the Jefferson River