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Where in the world…???

Over the past year or so we’ve met many Foundant clients all around the country at various industry conferences, training events and user groups.  Since many of you that attended those events now have Foundant logo water bottles, we thought it might be fun to start a blog post here featuring the exotic (and even not so exotic) locations where one might see a Foundant logo water bottle as we all carry them along with us.  So, I’ll start this blog with a recent Foundant bottle “sighting” in the National Parks of Utah where myself, Daren Nordhagen and Kris Thorson vacationed.  Your job is to add comments to this blog post and attach your photos with your Foundant water bottles.  Don’t have a Foundant water bottle?  Come see us at an event! 🙂

Where in the world is Foundant?