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What’s in Store at the Foundant Booth During the Exponent Philanthropy Conference?

Sorry, it’s not going to be that easy. We REALLY want this one to be a surprise! But we can tell you that you won’t want to miss celebrating Halloween with the Foundant crew this year! So, in preparation for the conference, we’d like to remind everyone of a couple of things.

Some of the Bravest, Most Selfless People are Never Recognized. Philanthropy Superhero

We all know the stories – Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Each of these men were ordinary, but had extraordinary abilities. They kept their true identities hidden, never taking credit for their alter ego’s exploits.

They Do the Work Because They Love Helping.

These heroes don’t help people because they want fame and applause; they do it because they have a burning need to see the powers of darkness defeated and good triumph. They do it because they love helping people; and because they believe in their mission.

Did You Know Superheroes Like This Really Exist?

They walk among us every day. They review grant proposals and they approve funds for much needed charities. They work long hours to help causes they believe in. And they never shout from the roof tops, “Look at what I do world! I’m awesome!”

As Halloween approaches, and the masks and capes come out in droves, remember that the real superheroes don’t cover their faces. They sit at their desks researching, reading, and reviewing. They find ways to give money to causes they believe in. They look for ways to better the world. And they do it because they care.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the Philanthropic Superheroes at the Exponent Philanthropy National Conference in two weeks!