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Welcome to the Community

I grew up on a farm in northeastern Montana and was part of a graduating class of twelve in our very small high school.  Our closest neighbor was over two miles away and we literally drove 50 miles just to see a movie or purchase any groceries beyond the basics. This rural environment made it easy for me to understand the concept of community.

It was critical for everyone to work together and support common causes such as the local café, celebrations and school activities.  I always had a hard time understanding how anyone from more urban areas could ever talk about the concept of community. However, as I’ve grown older it is now easy for me to recognize all kinds of communities where people unite behind common goals and bonds.

One of our earliest visions for Foundant was to build a community where our team, our customers and our partners could share ideas, learn from each other and even build friendships.  This vision made sense from a business strategy as it has potential to help with important items such as customer loyalty and reducing technical support costs.  However, it’s much more than a business strategy.  It’s fun, it’s rewarding and it’s one of the things that makes it easy to come to work each day.  I’m confident that I can speak for our whole team when I say that one of the things we enjoy most about our jobs is helping our customers connect with each other and establish relationships.

I’m pleased to welcome all of you to our new online community, a place where we envision you swapping stories on the latest strategies for measuring outcomes, getting tips on how to run a mail merge from Grant Lifecycle Manager and giving us input on the next must-have feature.  I’m sure some of you are saying “it’s about time” since we’ve been talking about this project for at least a couple years now and we’re thrilled that we finally have the resources to make this vision a reality.  What you’re seeing now is our first version of the online community but there will be many additions and changes as we receive input from you.

Over the coming days and weeks you’ll be seeing other posts from our team regarding more specific ways to interact with the community but please don’t hesitate to jump in right away and try things.  Any community is reliant on participation from members so we need your help to make this project a success.  Enjoy and please keep the feedback coming!

Foundant President, Daren Nordhagen, speaks about the community

Foundant President, Daren Nordhagen