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The Meaning of Community

The new Foundant online community is a “go-to place” for our clients, our partners and our employees to work together for the good of everyone. I’m very excited to participate as well as observe the organic growth sure to happen quickly.

The word “community” has many meanings when you check  – The one that caught my eye and seemed applicable for the Foundant community is a “common ownership or participation”.  As with any group of people, there will surely be a few that will participate more frequently (you know who you are, and we love it!)  But it is important to have contributions from each of you on a regular basis. You never know when what you have to say is exactly what the next person wants or needs to hear. Your voice is important and critical for the success of this community.

One other thought; for my entire career I have been in sales whether it was services or products. And although I always represented the vendor, the most successful relationships were the ones where the customer and the vendor worked together to exchange ideas and solve problems. The Foundant community has the potential to provide this type of mutually beneficial environment – on steroids!

Last week I attended our first United Way Conference in Asheville, NC. What a beautiful community! Plus I learned a great deal about United Way affiliates and their operations. A big thank you for all your help to Lance Edwards and Ron Katz from United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, our first United Way client. (see picture 1 below)

My weekend was capped off with my youngest daughter (youngest of five daughters) graduating from high school! Woo hoo!!! Oldest and youngest daughter in picture 2 below.

I look forward to learning from my co-workers and our valuable customers!



Foundant Meaning of Community

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