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The Foundant Culture: In our own words

What makes a business successful?

That’s the question Mark Larimer, Foundant VP of Marketing and Client Success asked in his blog about this time last year after Foundant was listed as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Company and an Outside Magazine Best Company to Work For. Both of these lists are impressive for a tech start-up residing in Bozeman, MT – but, in Mark’s own words:

Mark Larimer

We are undoubtedly proud of both awards. However, we are most satisfied to have won them together, at the same time. The reason? We realize that it may not always be easy for fast-growing companies to continue providing a happy, balanced workplace for their employees.

~Mark Larimer, VP of Marketing and Client Success
From: What makes a business successful?

After landing on both lists again this year, Mark still felt the same pride and satisfaction, but this year we thought the Foundant team should take a stab at expressing exactly what it means to work for this company.

Weston Paul, Foundant CSM

Weston Paul, Client Success Manager

The culture here is full of people with good intentions. We truly care about our team members and our clients, and we want the best for each of them. Part of what makes this possible is the work ethic contained in each of us. Many of us come from farm and ranch backgrounds, and we know the satisfaction that comes from a hard day’s work. Foundant has done an exceptional job of hiring based on our culture and they have been able to find individuals with these qualities.

Mike Schuld

Mike Schuld, Lead Software Developer

I used the $1,000 Foundant vacation benefit to fund part of my honeymoon in Croatia. With the benefit, I was able to extend our trip almost a whole extra week. During that time, we visited national parks and ancient Roman palaces, went on night scuba dives, ate five kinds of famous local cheese and a LOT of ice cream, and learned about the history of Croatia and the conflicts that occurred in the whole region.


Samme Holzwarth

Sammie Holzwarth, Product Implemenation Engineer

I have had the privilege of getting to spear head the Youth in Philanthropy program in our community. I have the ability to take the experience and expertise I have from working at Foundant, and my network from Youth Philanthropy Connect and give back to the community. It has been great to be able to start something new in the community, but also know I have the backing and support from a great company!


Nick Combs

Nick Combs, Quality Assurance Specialist

There are times in life when it is just nice to be able to step out of the office because of an unexpected situation and we are free to do so. There are times when I have an errand to run, and I can just let people know I’m stepping away. I don’t have to try and squeeze it into a lunch break or request time off, I can just go.



Ami Adams

Ami Adams,
Regional Sales Director

I attended a Leadership Outfitters Power of Choice week long retreat for my personal development. This program has made a great difference in how I deal with problems and situations that do not stay on track. Thank you!!




Allison Bender

Allison Bender, GrantHub Client Services

I have started my application process for the CAP (Child Advancement Placement) mentor program with a local nonprofit, Thrive. I’m still in the process of my background check, but the goal of the program is to match a child in the local school system with an adult mentor to connect one hour a week on school grounds to work on social, academic, or extracurricular projects. These opportunities, coupled with the flexibility and travel Foundant offers, make it easy to find a healthy work-life balance.


Tiffany Maierle

Tiffany Maierle, Director of Marketing

I was able to use my Foundant vacation benefit to go to El Cardonal, Mexico (about an hour north of Cabo on the Sea of Cortez) with my husband, our two girls, and my husband’s siblings and families – there was a total of 12 of us! We rented a VRBO home that was plenty spacious, right on the beach, and included a pool the kids spent about eight hours a day in – while the grownups took turns deep sea fishing, snorkeling, or watching whales from the awesome thatch covered patio.


Reina Gallion - Nieces

My Nieces – Reina Gallion, Client Success Manager

Working at Foundant has given me the ability to find a better balance between my professional and personal life, more so than any other company for which I’ve worked. I can think of countless examples where I haven’t had to choose work over family. Most recently, I was able to take a couple of days off to watch my two nieces, while my sister gave birth to her third daughter. I think I would die if I didn’t get to see these beautiful babies fairly often… Foundant makes that possible.


Darah Moore

Darah Moore, Marketing Events Coordinator

If you’ve ever been to a Foundant event, you’ll know we know how to throw a party! For me however, the best part of these events is meeting our clients and hearing their foundation and GLM stories. This is a big part of what makes my job rewarding and fun.



Andy Kessenich

Andy Kessenich, Client Success Manager

Traveling for client events always rejuvenates me. It gives me the chance to interact with clients face-to face and really feel the Foundant love. Every time I come back with a renewed energy and excitement related to what I’ve learned, who I’ve met, and the positive feedback that our clients send my way. The attendance for our User Groups and On the Road Trainings is always high – and watching the clients share and express ideas after just meeting each other is great to see.


Heidi Balus

Heidi Balus, Foundant Accountant

First and foremost, we are a team. The assumption is that everyone here is working and doing their part to keep the bus moving forward. We may not all love each other all of the time, but generally everyone gets along and works toward the common goal of taking care of our clients. It is also everyone’s responsibility to contribute to and preserve the culture by participating. If you just want to come to work, do your job, and go home – this may not be the right place for you. We spend a lot of time at work, so there has to be some fun – which requires some level of participation on everyone’s part. Everyone from the President on down gets to do the dishes and take out the trash!