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The Foundant ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The Foundant Team was recently challenged to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by our very own Suzie Boyer (the finance person here at Foundant). Since we have learned from our clients about the personal nature of philanthropy, everyone in this video volunteered to participate. Most everyone had already been challenged by another friend or had their own reasons to participate.

Foundant, as a company, has felt the personal effect and learned the horrible nature of ALS. Earlier this year, we lost Paul Jolly to ALS. Paul was part of the PETCO Foundation and actually attended one of our first user conferences (2010) in Austin, TX. He was a huge Foundant supporter, an influential early reference account and most important, a really nice guy.

Foundant will be making a donation of $50 per employee who participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the memory of Paul Jolly. It is our hope that with over $111 Million raised so far, some meaningful progress can be made to eradicate or better control this horrible disease. We are not challenging any clients to participate, since we know everything you do already. On a somewhat related note, if anyone knows of a good finance person, we may be looking for a new one.