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The Countdown to 500 Clients!

We are getting excited here at Foundant because this summer, we will be counting down to client number 500!

It wasn’t long ago when we dreamt of reaching the milestone of our 500th customer. The idea seemed so far away and our expectation was that Foundant will have “finally arrived” once we had so many clients. Flash forward to present day and we realize that, the journey here has not been as arduous as it seemed it would be and time has actually flown by over the past 6 years. Also, instead of having the feeling of “arrival”, we are excited to say we feel our journey has just begun.

500 customers is a monumental achievement. It clearly positions Foundant as the number two company in regards to market share, identifies us as the fastest growing company in our space and has changed our ability to design and execute our business plan. We have a very strong financial footing and are able to invest in things we feel will continue our growth. The hiring of Aaron Spevacek, whose role it is to engage our clients in a more proactive format and make sure we keep every hard earned client happy, as well as, the ability to hire additional resources in our development area are recent examples.

But when we come down to it, the fact is, it’s really all of you who are responsible for Foundant’s growth. Your support, references and referrals are why we are able to assure new clients they can trust Foundant as their grant management solution. As a way of saying “thank you”, we would like to include you in our celebration with a gift we know you will be excited about. Starting now and continuing throughout this summer, our development team will be working overtime to deliver some huge leaps in regards to product functionality and common client wish list items.

Here is a small preview of what development has planned for you:

Improvements of our Mail Merge capabilities
You will be able to build merge templates at the request level to include any data associated with the contact, organization or even a    specific request.
This will also give greater flexibility for custom print packets.

Process specific notifications
Tailor the automatic messages that Administrators, Applicants and Grantees receive from GLM based on the process and stage.

Shared documents
Share meeting agendas, previous meeting minutes, and financial information with your reviewers all within Foundant GLM.

Currently, we are at 473 clients and adding more each week. 500 will be here before we know it and we look forward to continuing the celebration at Summit 2013 in October. Be sure to check out our social pages, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, where we will be holding our official countdown to 500!