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Taking a Look Back on the First Half of 2012

We recently held our annual mid-year wrap-up meetings and I thought I’d share a few of the highlights with all the members of our community. These sessions are always a great combination of reviewing lessons learned, planning for future endeavors and taking the time to celebrate our successes.

Here are a few of our company highlights as we looked back on the first half of the year:

  • Added nearly 50 new customers to our growing client list
  • Over 95% of clients with expiring subscriptions chose to renew their GLM license
  • Released 7 updates to GLM with one update addressing one of our top product priorities for 2012 – the ability to customize PrintPackets
  • Maintained server uptime above 99.95% despite a system activity significantly beyond anything we had previously experienced
  • Responded to 60% of client incidents within one hour and resolved 65% of those inquiries on the first attempt

Looking forward, we’ll continue to focus on the strategic priorities that we defined earlier in the year. Below are a few of the priorities that will probably be most visible to our community members:

  • Continue to refine our use of the Agile development process, resulting in a high frequency of useful updates for our customers
  • Continue to improve our internal Product Team that represents the needs of our diverse users and guides our product development priorities
  • Execute our plans for key events such as Summit (our first national Users Conference with currently over 75 registrants), Council on Foundations Community Foundation Conference and Association of Small Foundations National Conference.  We greatly look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible during these events.

Did I mention that we also took time to have some fun during our mid-year meetings?  Below are some pictures from our company golf outing which was followed by a great bbq dinner with our friends and families at Rockin TJ Ranch.  Special thanks to team members Tiffany, Angie and Cory for helping the meetings go off without a hitch and to Michael Schuld for his excellent batch of homebrew!

2012 Midyear Meeting Golf Break

Golfing During the 2012 Midyear Meeting

Ready to Golf During 2012 Midyear Meetings