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Summary of Recent Trainings

Regional Trainings have turned out to be an amazing forum for clients to learn from Foundant and their peers. One thing I’m not sure many clients understand is the amount of information Foundant takes away from our interaction with clients at these trainings. We come away with ideas for new tools and product features to develop along with enhancements to current features and work flows.

Our development of new features has slowed in the latter part of 2011 because of our migration to a new hosting provider. We have been allocating many of our development hours to this effort and to fixing current bugs so we can start 2012 with a clean slate. However, one product feature that was a topic at every training session was the ability to send an automatic notification to applicants when they submit a form. Chris Dahl, our Vice President of Development, and our lead developer, Mike Schuld, were able to develop this automatic notification while they were planning the migration to our new hosting provider. This new feature is currently in your Demo site and will be released to all Live sites within the next two weeks.

Some other features suggested were: Move Report Fields into Forms, Show Evaluations to Applicants, Hide Old Processes and Forms, Batch Email, Email Merge, Email Audit Log…etc. Most of these suggestions are high on our product development priority list, and we are planning on implementing them in 2012. A few of these features are fairly complex, though, and once we start working on them, we might find they will take a bit longer to develop and test. You have given us much input on what needs to be developed, and now we’re going to be asking for input on how these enhancements should work. We are very excited to see what we can get developed in 2012 and are looking forward to discussing the functionality with our clients.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting face-to-face with many of you this Fall!  Check out the photo of our Florida training group below.

Recent Trainings