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Skiing in June in Montana

Montana has strange weather.  It is not uncommon for us to talk about the weather because it tends to be so unconventional.  This year’s weather has been particularly unusual. As an example, I wanted to share my Father’s Day Adventure from last weekend.  I went skiing!  No, not water skiing but downhill, on natural snow, skiing.

A friend of mine has made it a tradition to go skiing on Fathers Day with his children every year on the Beartooth Pass (an amazing scenic byway between Montana and Wyoming that crosses a high mountain plateau at over 10,000 feet.) Since my son was attending a summer ski racing camp in the area I was invited along.  This year was different though.  The snowfall this year has been historic and while the valleys were experiencing 70 degree temperatures, we were in full ski gear in a winter wonderland.  The best part was due to there being so much snow, we were able to step out of the truck at 10,400 feet, put on our skis, and ski a 2000 foot chute, step out of our skis, get back into the truck and go do it again.  It was truly an amazing day of skiing in June!

The pictures below:

#1 My son attending his “Summer Camp”

#2 Part of my ski group at the top of the pass

#3 Rock Creek Headwall, our ski area for the day

Skiing in June


June Skiing