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How do you provide a high level of service and a product that costs much less than its competitors? We are dedicated to both concepts. We will not accept providing poor service.  We do not want to charge too much for our products and services because we know that it takes resources away from your foundation’s focus. It is our greatest business challenge.  As usual, the answer to the problem comes from you, our customers. By harnessing the strength of our customer’s knowledge and genuine helpfulness, we can support a growing customer base while helping you strengthen your own organizations.

Foundant customers have always been the driving force behind our success. You encourage us. You tell us what we do wrong. You trust us enough to recommend our Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) solution to other foundations. You act as referrals when we ask. We marvel at the help and care that our customers willingly provide. This community site is about expanding this relationship. We want to hear your ideas, but we also want you to share your ideas with others. We hope you will provide help and feedback to each other as well. Each of you has ideas that will prove helpful to someone else. Some of you are long time users and accustomed to how the system works.  Others are new to the system and may have new ideas of how to do something. You may have a problem; someone else may have a suggestion. As a group, you know more about online grant making than any other group in the grant making community. Believe it or not, you all are experts.

The most rewarding thing about working for Foundant Technologies for me has been the relationships I have been lucky enough to develop with our customers. I have sold software my entire career. I can honestly say that my grantmaking clients are the most enjoyable to work with on a daily basis. I go home feeling that we are honestly helping people accomplish great things. I look forward to sharing all of my favorite clients with each other.

The picture below is of Foundant’s Customer Wall. Whenever we are travelling and visiting clients, we try to remember to bring back pictures to add to the wall. It acts as a great reminder for our team of why we come to work every morning. If you think about it, take a picture of yourself or your team and send it to us, after all, it is a big wall.

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