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Recognizing the Need for a Change


Realizing you need to change the software you use to run your organization is rarely a “Houston, we have a problem…” type scenario.  It is really more of a “death by a million paper cuts” situation.  Losing 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there and having to make concessions on the quality of your work every day.  At Foundant, we regularly had discussions on whether we could accomplish something based on if our software would allow us to do it.  Now in our case, it was not that the software did not have the capabilities it was that we could not make them work with our resources.  You see, our past system was built for organizations much larger than Foundant.  To accomplish our goals, we needed to engage with the provider, receive a statement of work, pay the professional services and end up working with someone that really did not understand our organization’s needs.  We hungered for a system that would allow us to make the changes we wanted “on the fly” using the people we already have on staff.

But changing is scary!  Sometimes the old adage of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” needs to be quickly followed with the question, “How do you define broke?”.  We started to look at all the things we wanted to be able to do that we currently could not and the ongoing costs of maintaining a less than ideal situation. It was then that we decided it was time to begin the research.  For Foundant prospects, this is where they usually contact us.  My only real advice for others at this stage is that research is free.  If you don’t like how you are doing things today, there is a tremendous amount of resources available online or by picking up a phone and asking a few question of a potential provider.  Asking for information or even advice from a potential provider should not cost you a penny.

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