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Where in the world…???

Last week I was fortunate to get the opportunity to travel to San Antonio for 2 days of onsite training with the San Antonio Area Foundation. San Antonio is a great city with a lot of culture. The heat and humidity was enough to melt this Montana kid but I survived with the help of my Foundant water bottle. No trip would be complete without …     Continue Reading »

YPC – Empowering Youth to Change the World

In this month’s Client Featured blog, we would like to highlight a wonderful new conference in their second year geared towards youth in philanthropy. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, The Lumpkin Family Foundation and Tarsadia Foundation are three Foundant clients who make up part of a foursome team who drive an exciting project called Youth Philanthropy Connect. Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC) is a youth-led, new and inspiring way …     Continue Reading »

Where in the world…???

Over the past year or so we’ve met many Foundant clients all around the country at various industry conferences, training events and user groups.  Since many of you that attended those events now have Foundant logo water bottles, we thought it might be fun to start a blog post here featuring the exotic (and even not so exotic) locations where one might see a Foundant …     Continue Reading »

Deep in the Heart of Texas… Learning and Networking

It’s been a couple weeks now since I returned home from my trip to San Antonio, Texas to attend the Grants Managers Network (GMN) Conference.  I’ve been attending these conferences for a couple of years now and always leave motivated to apply some of what I learned back at our foundation.  In fact, it was at a GMN conference years ago that I first learned …     Continue Reading »

Doing good since 1831 – The Union Benevolent Association

Greetings! I’ve been with Foundant for 5 months now and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that we have amazing clients! Many of you have very interesting and wonderful stories that we don’t want to keep to ourselves. So, each month we will choose a client to feature and share their story with the rest of the Foundant Community. This month, we’ve chosen The Union Benevolent Association which is one of the oldest charities in …     Continue Reading »