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User’s Conference Shows Off What Makes Foundant Different

How many companies can you think of where, within the course of one day, the Founder & CEO welcomes over 80 attendees to their first-ever users conference, goes and takes a seat in the back of a conference room to support his employees while they lead a session on email templates, somehow finds the time to personally talk with everyone at some point, then invites …     Continue Reading »

Taking a Look Back on the First Half of 2012

We recently held our annual mid-year wrap-up meetings and I thought I’d share a few of the highlights with all the members of our community. These sessions are always a great combination of reviewing lessons learned, planning for future endeavors and taking the time to celebrate our successes. Here are a few of our company highlights as we looked back on the first half of the …     Continue Reading »

Where in the world…???

The Foundant water bottle accompanied three friends and I on my very first camping trip the first week of July. I have lived in Montana for the entire 22 years of my life and had never been camping up to this point. We camped in the Absaroka–Bearthooth Mountains next to Emerald Lake on what had to be the hardest piece of land on the planet.  We …     Continue Reading »

Where in the world…???

After the day of skiing, the Foundant Water Bottle met a new friend who was of great help in making the beautiful day end on a great note.

Where in the world…???

As an annual ritual for Father’s Day my son Max and I go skiing (that’s right snow skiing) on the Scenic Beartooth Pass on the border of Montana and Wyoming.  This year we cheated and used the small lift service area on the pass instead of hiking at 10,900 feet.  The Foundant Water Bottle was in attendance and provide much needed hydration.