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Onsite Training – San Antonio Area Foundation

Last week I was fortunate to get the opportunity to travel to San Antonio for 2 days of onsite training with the San Antonio Area Foundation. We had a great time and had 4 processes built and tested by the end of the 2nd day. It is always great to visit our clients and get to see in person how they operate and handle their daily challenges. Jason, Claudia, Mildred, Catherine, and Leticia were great hosts and are doing some great things down in San Antonio. They are very excited to use the community to learn about our other client’s best practices and share some of their own.

San Antonio is a great city with a lot of culture. The heat and humidity was enough to melt this Montana kid but I survived with the help of my Foundant water bottle. The Riverwalk is a really cool district with tons of great restaurants. Jason and the gals made sure I ate well on my trip. No trip would be complete without a stop by the Alamo.

Thanks again to the San Antonio Area Foundation for your hospitality. Come up to the Summit at Big Sky and we can enjoy a little cooler weather and some fly fishing.

San Antonio Group

San Antonio Group