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Meet Foundant’s Development Intern – Nick Lapp

As a freshman at Montana State University, I never expected to have the opportunity to do work as meaningful as the work I do at Foundant. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to get a job assisting the data migration team in September, and I’ve loved the past few months. This is a fantastic company. Every day I am faced with new challenges, and problem solving to overcome these makes my work both dynamic and interesting. Doubled with the schoolwork I do towards my major in Computer Engineering, I find myself constantly learning some new skill. I especially enjoy the cooperative aspect of my job: working with our clients to solve issues is always a pleasant experience because everyone is working towards a common goal. Plus, it’s hard to be grouchy when just outside the window is one of the prettiest views in the Northwest.

It’s a big change here in Montana from my native state of Oregon. For one thing, I learned pretty quickly that warm gloves are a must have! But I also have learned a lot about the Montana lifestyle. Montanans, including those I work around at Foundant, just seem happier. Maybe it’s the lack of constant torrential downpour, but I think there’s also something to be said about living so close to the outdoors, and being able to step out the doors and go on and adventure in just minutes. This is especially true of the employees at Foundant. I’m really excited to become a part of this community, and am learning all kinds of things about skiing and biking, hiking and camping. I’ve loved the last few months, and I look forward to many more here at Foundant!

Development Intern Nick LappDevelopment Intern, Nick Lapp