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New Software, New Learning Experiences

At the beginning of March I traveled to Dallas, Texas, to be trained on our new, internal, customer relationship management (CRM) software.  At the time, we were about 3 months into using this new software. We recognized we needed more information and training to make full use of our software purchase. While in Dallas, I spent 4 full days working with a trainer and other classmates walking through and building out different scenarios, because of course, practice makes perfect.  Although I represented the smallest organization in this training group, Foundant utilized more aspects of the software than most of the users in the classroom.  Throughout the week we combined ideas, shared examples and worked with each other to answer questions and make plans for new implementations when we returned home.  There was so much excitement when someone discovered how to solve a problematic situation they had been experiencing.

In four days there was no guarantee I could learn everything we needed, although the training accomplished most of what we were looking for. Most importantly, I returned with new contacts, great reference material and best of all fantastic resources.  Since returning to the office we have made significant progress in making the needed changes to our instance of the CRM software.  Best of all, when someone approaches me with a question, we can brainstorm better and easier ways to make it happen.

As you are reading this, consider attending one of Foundant’s training webinars. Even better yet, consider joining us at Summit 2013 in South Carolina in October. Take advantage of the networking opportunities to discover how even organizations completely different than yours, utilize the same tools and can share amazing ideas.

Cory Brester Describes his experience with new software

Cory Brester is the Information Systems Manager for Foundant Technologies