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Meet Tracy Larimer, Foundant’s Newest Regional Sales Director

Though I just started, I’ve been in the background watching Foundant grow since it first started in 2006 when my husband, Mark Larimer, joined with Daren Nordhagen, Chris Dahl and Steve Ough to explore how to help Foundations move to an online grantmaking process. After 8 years, it is exciting to be able to join the team I’ve watched and been so proud of for all these years!

Mark and I have two awesome kids (Max & Stella), a Newfoundland (Mojo), two pet rats (Snowy & Flurry) and a gecko (Frank). Our family downhill skis as much as possible during the winter, and we get to travel to areas all around Montana over the course of each ski season. We spend the beautiful Montana summers on the water boating, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and just generally romping around outside.

Fun Fact: I am two days older than Mark, who I met in 10th grade English class in Stillwater, MN.

Though I’ve spent the majority of my professional career selling cloud based software, I delved into another role that contributes to how I work with Foundant’s customers today. After selling CRM software for 10 years at RightNow Technologies, I took over a project to implement the software internally as an Intranet. This experience gave me a whole new perspective of what it is like to sell an idea, then be the person to implement, upgrade, and support other users who depend on the system.

I look forward to working with the Foundant team and with our customers to make the world a better place!