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Meet Reina Gallion, Foundant’s Newest Client Services Team Member

I originally hail from Missouri, but I have lived in Bozeman for the past 8 years and I consider Bozeman home. I am an avid hiker and spend most of my weekends in the Bridger, Madison and Gallatin mountain ranges. My favorite hike this summer is hands-down the Beehive Basin trail. I have a love for Montana wildflowers, although my friends would tell you it’s an obsession. This season I have photograph over a 100 variety of flowers found on the hiking trails I frequent, including the elusive Fairy Slipper Orchid pictured below. I love to cook and bake when I have time. My specialty is quickly becoming homemade whole wheat, raisin, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting; a family recipe passed down from my mother. I have 2 brothers, 4 sisters, and my parents have been together for over 35 years. We’re a pretty rad family, if I may say so myself.

I joined Foundant in July of 2014 in Client Services on the Support team. I really enjoy helping people streamline and simplify their grant making process. In this role, I’m aware that everyone learns differently and has different processes, so I adjust my message based on the needs of the individual client. The way things are going, as I see it, in 10 years Foundant will be the premier software for grant lifecycle management and I intend to be part of, and contribute to, that journey!

A Little More About Reina:

Favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor? Half Baked. But if we’re getting really serious about ice cream preferences then it is Wilcoxson’s Moose Tracks, hands down.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 items could you not survive without? My contacts and contact solution. A girl’s got to see.
Favorite “weekender” spot in Montana? Bozeman is such a great place for outdoor activities I really don’t have to go anywhere, everything I want is right out my front door. This summer I am particularly in love with the Madison Mountain Range. There are so many beautiful hikes and destinations.
If you were given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere, where would you go? Henderson, NV; to see my sister and my two adorable nieces.
If someone said, “Take the day off!” What would you do? Hike, Nap, Sushi. Repeat.