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Meet Heidi Balus, Foundant’s Newest Staff Accountant

Heidi and her dogs

Heidi Balus with her hound dogs – Jean on the right, Allie on the left.

Bozeman is home, but I am originally from small-town Pennsylvania – Coudersport to be exact, one Main Street and one red light. I went to Alfred State College (in another small town) and graduated with a degree in horticulture. I wanted to travel and live in a city, but I married my  husband, who promptly joined the Air Force.

The horticulture degree came in handy for figuring out how to grow flower gardens  in any climate. Two years into our travels our daughter, Amanda, came along and together we enjoyed 23 years of travel and adventure courtesy of the US Government, never imagining that our last assignment would land us at the Montana State University (MSU) ROTC program and our retirement home.

With my husband settling into retirement (which includes ALOT of skiing) I decided it was time to go back to school, as I was becoming further interested in business management and wanted to learn more. I enrolled in the accounting program at MSU after starting some preliminary courses online and discovering what I really liked was accounting.

I met Kristin Laird (now Foundant’s Marketing Communications Manager) during my first week of classes, when we had to draw pictures of each other for an exercise in a business class. We hit if off immediately and I hope I offered as much encouragement to her as she did me during the next three years of juggling family, school work, and jobs. Sometimes it has felt like walking uphill in the snow, but in a few months I will graduate from the Master of Professional Accountancy program with my master’s degree, thankful that I made the leap and returned to school.

While I come from a beautiful place (they call it God’s Country, it says so right on the sign when you enter the county) and I have lived in places that are amazing, nothing compares to Bozeman. The people are great – plus, in the winter I get to ski and in the summer I bike, hike, kayak, play a little golf, and watch my flower garden grow. I have finally figured out how to grow tomatoes and have lived here long enough to see my saplings become trees. For a military wife this is a big deal. You will always find us in Grand Targhee at least one weekend a summer for the music festival. Some people go for autographs, I collect hand shakes – last summer I added Derek Trucks and Bill Payne to my collection.

It’s satisfying to go to work everyday at a company whose customers work to make the world a better place. I am so excited to be part of the future that I saw laid out for Foundant during my first week of work attending the annual planning meetings, and can’t wait to see where this company goes next.