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Meet Foundant’s Marketing Communications Manager – Kristin Laird

I am originally from Anchorage, where my dad was the Dean of Rural Education for the University of Alaska and my mom was the director of Head Start. My dad wrote hundreds of grants for furthering education programs in the Alaskan “bush,” where many tribes at that time were in very remote locations with no access to public schooling. My parents retired in Whitefish, Montana when I was five, and bought a small pet store called Noah’s Bark. We became one of the first family owned pet stores to offer adoption services for the local shelter. Friends from those days still remember the “Haw Zoo” that was our house.

In 2011, with a husband and two kids in tow, I decided to return to school (Yikes!). As Camden (our oldest) started Kindergarten and Taylor (the baby) turned two, I attended my first days as a Montana State Business Marketing and IT Management student. I’m now counting down the days until graduation this May 3rd, 2014!!

After growing up with parents who always strove to do “more,” I knew that, whatever my career path had in store, I wanted to make a difference somehow. When Foundant entered the picture, I thought it might be too good to be true. I have always loved to write and…they wanted me to write! They wanted me to help spread the word about this awesome software and incredible company to the giving community. I was hooked from the first phone call. The atmosphere here is one of family, dedication, and fun. I am so excited to graduate and finally be able to focus on Foundant full-time!!

To me, marketing is about connecting with people and communicating with them in a way that makes a difference. This is what I am so excited to do for Foundant Technologies. Connecting with the philanthropic community, and seeing the difference that the Foundant team is making, fills me with excitement every day!

Marketing Communications Manager, Kristin Laird and Her Husband

Marketing Communications Manager Kristin Laird, and her family