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Meet Chad Angerer: Lead Software Developer for GrantHub (Powered by Foundant Technologies)

I came to Foundant from a very large technology company. Even though I work remotely, the culture and community I have picked up while in Bozeman visiting has been very refreshing and invigorating. I enjoy having the opportunity to work closely with end-users and it’s great to be able to help people….who help people. I previously worked with Chris Dahl (Foundant VP of Research and Development) and we’ve kept in touch. When he presented me with the software development opportunity at GrantHub, I was excited to say the least.

I grew up in a number of cities between Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and I still call Wisconsin home, but reside in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area with my wife and two kids. My daughter Olivia is almost 5 and excited to start kindergarten next fall. My son Colin is an adventurous 2.5 year old. In what little free time I seem to have these days I enjoy golfing, basketball, brewing, home-improvement projects, running, and biking.