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Meet Abe Burnett, Data Migrations Specialist

After graduating with honors and a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from Montana State University, my wife and I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, for nearly a year where I worked as a Risk Analyst for a Zions Bank. In that position I spent a great deal of time working with massive amounts of very messy data—trying to make sense of it all. And after spending so much time using poor data extraction and handling tools (I’m looking at you SAS), I decided to go back to school in pursuit of a Master’s in Computer Science–determined to find better ways of storing, retrieving, and working with data.

Being a third generation MSU alumni, and having family in the valley, it seemed only natural to return to Bozeman for graduate school. And upon our return to the valley I was thrilled to discover that a great company like Foundant was in need of my well-honed data management skills. (Side note: so far I’ve really enjoyed working for Foundant because I work with very intelligent people who care deeply about doing the best work they can on our clients behalf; And the clients we serve are awesome! I’ve never worked with and for such a wonderful, nice group of people!)

My wife, Nicole, and I have two darling and very rambunctious Chihuahuas, two buckskin Arabian horses, and one very adorable nine-month old daughter who loves to get into EVERYTHING. A lot of our free time is spent studying for our respective Master’s programs, doing what I call “horse stuff,” reading for fun, watching really good TV shows (like White Collar, Burn Notice, Psych, Elementary, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, and Grimm), and just generally enjoying spending time together.

Data Migrations Specialist, Abe Burnett