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Making Connections and Having Fun at the North Carolina Meet-Up

Many of you know it doesn’t take much work to convince me to take trips away from Montana in January. I love my home state, but our winters are long so I like to go exploring early each year. When one of my buddies suggested that we finally take our long dreamed of trip to watch college basketball on Tobacco Road, I eagerly jumped at the opportunity, especially when I knew I could mix in some great Foundant-related activities to leverage the long, cross-country flight.

I had the pleasure of hosting two of our new Foundant Meet-Ups in Raleigh (hosted by D’Wayne Wilkins and the North Carolina Community Foundation) and Asheville (hosted by Sally Weldon and the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina). As GLM has grown and I’ve spent less time in the software, I don’t have the skills to host an in-depth Regional Training or User Group, but I believe the informal Meet-Up format was a great way to get clients together in an informal setting to hear what’s new and share ideas.

Between the two sessions I was able to visit with over 25 clients and potential clients, and I loved the interactive discussions in both groups. I believe the highlight for most attendees was the opportunity to see our exciting 5.0 release in action for the first time, but I personally love to see the attendees sharing ideas and getting to know each other.

Did I mention that I’m a huge college basketball fan and worked some fun into the trip? I love my Montana State Bobcats but, let’s face it, they’re never going to make it to the Final Four. So, when I was about 10 years old and they were in the Michael Jordan and James Worthy glory years, I adopted the North Carolina Tar Heels as my other favorite team. I’ve seen both North Carolina and Duke win National Championships at Final Fours I’ve attended over the years, but had never seen either team play in their hallowed home arenas. It was an absolute thrill to tour the beautiful campuses and basketball museums prior to the NC vs. Virginia Tech, and Duke vs. Pittsburgh games.

My current duties at Foundant pull me in a lot of different directions, but I’ll continue to try to represent us at activities in North Carolina whenever I can. I thoroughly enjoyed my drive across your beautiful state and really appreciate the friendliness and engagement of all our great North Carolinian clients!