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Looking towards the future at the Boston and NYC User Groups

I love traveling to Boston and New York to “work” with our amazing clients. I just wrapped up the first 2013 User Groups on the East Coast and want to give a big thanks to everyone for attending. We had some great feedback on what is working in the system and some suggestions on what could make it better, along with smiling faces after showing our new tools released this year. We’re making a big effort to increase communication and training on each release, so far the feedback says we’re succeeding.

Some discussion was focused on future needs and areas of improvement such as a better experience for board members (i.e. access to reports, file sharing system, seeing each other’s scores and comments during evaluation, etc.). Email communication via Foundant was also something people were interested in discussing and adding functionality to our current tool (i.e. logging email history, batch email, email merge, etc.). We love knowing what our clients need and we’re hoping some discussion around these items will continue on the client Idea Lab found on our online Community. We’re going to start looking into these key areas internally but as always we want feedback from our clients so weigh in on the discussions and let us know what you think.

Thanks again to all of our clients and a few prospects for attending, I’m looking forward to coming back out in late fall, early winter.

-Grant Elliott, Regional Sales Director

Grant Elliot enjoying one of the User Groups