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Learning from One Another

I’m confident the new online community can benefit both Foundant clients and Foundant staff. Because managing grant and/or scholarship cycles online is a relatively new approach to grantmaking, there will be new ideas and experiences to learn from. Having a communication channel for all of our clients to learn from should allow for improved workflows and ultimately improved results. Improvements can be as simple as wording changes on a question or as complex as changing a foundation’s program workflow.

I believe a more evident and true benefit of the Foundant community will come in the form of our clients communicating with Foundant. Instead of keeping an internal list of product features, we’re going to let you, our clients, make the list. New ideas can be added to the Idea Lab where they will be commented on and voted for allowing us to know what’s important to you. This also allows you to talk about issues and suggest workarounds. We will be monitoring the threads in case we can help or have amendments to what others have suggested. Along with suggestions, we often need help replicating and/or classifying issues that have been found. Many times we cannot replicate an issue, but three or four of you have experienced it. With feedback from everyone, we can put together a better plan to replicate and eventually fix these issues.

The Foundant online community opens many channels of communication we didn’t have before. We hope these channels end up benefiting all of you as well as our staff here at Foundant on a daily basis. I’m excited to see how the community is embraced and how well it opens the lines of communication.