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Key Learnings from Chicago Training

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo has been using Foundant for a little under a year.  So, while I think Foundant is easy to use and intuitive, there were definitely some details I needed more information on.  That’s why I attended the full day Foundant training session last week in Chicago.

One of my organization’s primary funding focuses is the environment.  In fact, we started doing electronic grantmaking to be more environmental and cut down on paper waste.  I had never thought about having grantees sign off on their grant agreements online, but that possibility was covered in the training.  I look forward to implementing electronic signatures soon.  Once again, it cuts down on paper and, in turn, it will speed up the processing of grants.

The training was definitely comprehensive covering many different topics and the Foundant staff took care to make sure special concerns were addressed.  It was well worth the time and travel.  Check out the group photo from the training below.

Chicago Training