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Hollie Short – Foundant’s Newest Client Success Manager

Hollie Short, Foundant Client Success Manager

Hollie Short, Foundant Client Success Manager

I am so excited for the opportunity to be a part of our growing Client Success Manager (CSM) team!  I love working with our clients and can’t wait to build more relationships as I move into my new role.   I have thoroughly enjoyed working as the front line of our customer service department, getting to know some of our clients, and learning all sorts of tricks in the software.   The time with clients and knowledge I have gained over the past year will be incredibly valuable in my new role.  I look forward to helping clients understand and utilize the system to its fullest capabilities and feel being a CSM will be a great chance for me to share my knowledge.

Now for the really important stuff!

1. Favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor? Milk & Cookies
2. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 items could you not survive without? Toothbrush, Fishing Pole
3. Favorite “weekender” spot in Montana? Flathead Lake
4. If you were given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere, where would you go? Alaska Fishing Trip or Moose Hunt.
5. If someone said, “Take the day off!” What would you do? Call my husband and tell him to take the day off, pick up my son and my dogs and drive through Yellowstone National Park.