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Getting Reacquainted at the May 2014 User Groups

Many of you have probably heard me mention that one of the personal downsides of Foundant’s growth is that I spend so much less time getting to know the people that use our software. In our earliest days I spent my days selling, training, and supporting our small number of clients and developed some great personal relationships. Now that we have specialists and experts for all those roles, my day-to-day contact with the amazing people that use our software is significantly diminished.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m always one of the first to volunteer to hit the road when it comes time to host User Group meetings around the country. I was fortunate to attend User Groups in Philadelphia, New York and Boston last month, and had the opportunity to interact with about 60 of our clients over the course of the three events. It was great to hear the stories of how clients are using and benefiting from our software and the support provided by our team. Of course, there was plenty of feedback on ways we can improve, and it was also my job to act as Grant’s scribe to make sure all of your suggestions made it back to HQ! We really enjoy hearing that kind of feedback because it’s the reason we can continue to make GLM better. I’ve already seen action on some of the suggestions we received, so I know the team is listening and taking your feedback seriously, as usual.

After about 20 years of business travel I’ve largely fallen into a rut of retiring to my hotel room after each day of meetings, so it was also good to travel with Grant, who did his best to keep me young. We hit a Big Head Todd concert in Philadelphia, a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert at the historic Beacon Theater in NYC, and Yankees and Red Sox games during our trip. Definitely a better way to pass time than watching re-runs and catching up on email in a stale hotel room!

As I write this blog post I’m in flight on my way to Texas to kick-off another round of User Group meetings. I hope to see many of you in Fort Worth, Washington, DC or Asheville over the next week or at another event around the country sometime later this year!

-Daren Nordhagen, Foundant President

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