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GuideStar for Grant Applications: The Next Big Thing in Grants Management

The ProblemWin win

While the core of every grant application is a set of unique questions that each foundation or funder needs to know, much of the information before and after that is, in reality, quite duplicative. What if nonprofits could focus just on those unique sections of grant applications, while saving time by having the repetitive fields already populated? How much time could that save nonprofits across the sector? And, for foundations and funders across the sector, how much better would the quality of information be if nonprofits could focus more directly on the unique questions?

The Solution

GuideStar for Grant Applications

Now we can do all of this and more. GuideStar and Foundant have partnered to create a tool allowing nonprofits to prepopulate grant applications, called GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G).

G4G, an effort supported by the Simplify Initiative, uses information from GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles to auto-populate grant applications, allowing nonprofits to supply the necessary, yet repetitive, information about their organization and jump right into the unique grant applications questions funders need answers to.

Foundations get streamlined data and retain the ability to ask questions specific to their cause areas, nonprofits save tremendous amounts of time, and the sector operates more efficiently.

The Potential Impact

If just 500 foundations begin using GuideStar for Grant Applications, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of hours can be spent by nonprofits solving the great challenges of our time, not doing paperwork.

Think of all of the hours that can thus be rededicated to nonprofits meeting their missions: more land conserved, more food distributed, more books delivered—just like the nonprofit sector itself, the sky’s the limit.



From day one, Foundant Technologies has existed to fulfill two goals: 1) enabling those who manage grant applications to handle the application from beginning to end, while maintaining necessary flexibility, and 2) creating a system that is easy to use and manage, regardless of comfort using technology.

As an effort to fulfill their joint goals, Foundant is one of the pioneers in offering GuideStar for Grant Applications to their foundation clients. By harnessing the vast database of nonprofit information at GuideStar, vendors like Foundant help nonprofits spend more time on their missions and less time filling out the repetitive sections of grant applications.


GuideStar is a hub of nonprofit information—the world’s largest source, in fact. Information comes to GuideStar directly from nonprofits themselves and from IRS information—all 501(c) organizations have a profile on GuideStar. Nonprofits update their profiles with important information about their work, their finances, and their impact.

Get Started Now

The G4G capability is now automatically part of your Grant Lifecycle Manager solution. To get started, or if you have questions, please contact Foundant Support. Not yet a Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) user, but curious how to become one? Contact us today!

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