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From Snow to Sun – FPN 2013

What a great time of year to have the opportunity to come to Florida, from the snow and mountains to the sunshine and palm trees! On top of that a chance to connect and network with some of our great clients and others at the Florida Philanthropic Network (FPN) Statewide Summit on Philanthropy.  The networking at FPN gave members and sponsors a chance to hear philanthropic stories, listen to ideas, and engage with one another to build community.  It was a pleasure for me to meet and interact with our clients Anne Douglas (Southwest Florida Community Foundation), Erin Baird and team (Allegany Franciscan Ministries), and Sharon Wood (Johnson Scholarship Foundation) at the event.  I loved watching them engage with others and promote Foundant as well as collaborate with one another on how to further leverage their GLM systems.  They bounced different ideas my direction for the next Florida Users Group discussion, and are excited to continue building that group.

The FPN team and staff put together an impressive well organized event.  The accommodations were amazing, food was outstanding, and the hospitality to be commended.  I want to leave you with a few ideas some of the presenters provoked us to always remember; ignite your imaginations, color outside the lines, avoid assumptions, innovate with the ever changing world – be a steward of resources, and to give back to the areas that have given so much to you.  This event left me with some intriguing thoughts, great conversations and contacts.  I look forward to future events and networking with everyone further.