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#Foundant15Plan Energizes and Inspires

Foundant President, Daren NordhagenPlanning is hard work, but it’s also rewarding and exciting. We just finished our annual kickoff meetings, where we take the entire company out of the office for two-days to celebrate past accomplishments and set goals and priorities for the future. I’m always amazed at how physically and emotionally tapped I am after a couple days of being continuously “on” while leading the discussions and thinking critically about big issues. I come out of the meetings with something that’s probably similar to the buzz many of us get from a good workout – exhausted, but energized at the same time.

This year’s planning session was especially interesting as we wrapped up a 3-year vision that was rolled out to the company in January of 2012, and launched a new vision to give us overall guidance for the next three years. This process of setting a vision for the future and then defining actions that will deliver us to that future goal is one of the most profound things I’ve experienced in my time at Foundant. The vision we set in 2012 was, at the time, an almost crazy view of a future that was radically different than the reality we were experiencing at the time. We set bold goals for company growth and for the relationships we wanted to have with our clients, partners and team members. 3-years later, we accomplished nearly everything we set out to do and I have goosebumps as I write about the experience. (At least you as readers are being spared of the choking up that took place in our meetings!)

Our new vision describes an even more bold future of what Foundant will look like in December of 2017. We’ll grow significantly to help more organizations in the global philanthropic sector perform their important work. We’ll refine existing products and release new solutions that solve real problems for our clients. We’ll build a great team and continue building a great community with our clients and partners. And, we’ll have a heck of a lot of fun while we’re at it!

Thanks to you all for your support in helping us achieve our previous vision. We’re very excited about the journey as we pursue our next set of goals.