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Foundant Summit 2015: Great People, Coming Together to Learn

Daren Nordhagen, Foundant President

Daren Nordhagen is the President of Foundant Technologies

We’re still winding down from the emotional high of our recent Summit conference in Tempe, AZ. As I think back on the many factors that contributed to the success of the conference, it strikes me that it all really boils down to people connecting with other people to learn.

In an age where we’re all forced to move faster and more efficiently through our personal lives and professional careers, we often take shortcuts to limit the amount of time where we’re interacting with others. Summit was a great reminder of the benefits that occur when we take the time to work together as humans.

Nearly all the clients and Foundant team members that I spoke with as Summit was winding down commented on how much they had learned over the two days. With 85 first-time client attendees and nine first-time staff attendees, it’s normal that many of the attendees would gain a lot of new knowledge.

However, many attendees have been using the software for years, have attended past Summits, participated in local user groups, and received excellent training and support from Foundant staff. Likewise, many of the Foundant staff are experts on our software’s capabilities and have a solid understanding of how our clients use GLM to solve problems.

Clients Learning at the 2015 Foundant Summit

It’s fascinating that, regardless of experience level, what seemed to most excite attendees was how much they learned. I think this is a very telling example of the great things that happen when people take the time to really connect and help each other.

Foundant is a business and items like efficiency and scalability are a big focus for our organization. You’ll see us continue to invest in new systems such as chat for technical support, self-help tutorials, and our new Learning Lab as tools to help us service a greater number of clients in an exceptional manner. However, you’ll also see us continue to invest in adequate staffing so we can continue to offer local user groups, real humans can answer your calls, regional training sessions, and our next Foundant Summit as ways to connect our team with our clients in a more personal manner. Continuing to really know and understand our clients is critical as we evolve our software and services, but it’s also the most enjoyable part of our jobs!

If you were unable to join us at Summit Spring Training 2015, we truly hope you’ll be able to connect with us at one of our upcoming events. We’ll be traveling a lot this year and will also be hosting more of the infamous You Fly, We Buy events!

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The Summit 2015 Group

The Summit 2015 Group