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Foundant Summit 2012 – A Life Changing Event

Attending the Foundant Summit was truly life-changing for me. Our company has been a client since 2008, however, due to several personnel changes, no one really knew how to use the system properly or what it had to offer. We use Foundant to manage our massive international scholarship program, Geoscientists Without Borders (international humanitarian grants), Field Camp grants, and Travel Grants. Our review Committees are based all over the world and in every possible time zone. Foundant is the perfect way to facilitate the reviews within our Committees, since it is impossible to get them all on a conference call at the same time.

After our most recent renewal, I decided push for the opportunity to attend the conference. We are only allowed one training annually, so honestly, it was the location that sold me. I figured even if it was boring and I didn’t learn anything, at least I’d get to see Yellowstone!  Let me tell you, I was impressed from registration to the last event. The staff is a phenomenal team of the most friendly and knowledgeable people I have met. They care about the company, the product, and the clients – and it shows!

The general session was the perfect introduction to the “story” of Foundant and the people who created it. I really felt like our business was important, and I appreciated that the leadership was consciously aware of the balance between growth and service. Even with the impressive success they’ve experienced over the last few years, they have maintained personal connections with the users.

Each day offered a chance to attend hour-long breakout sessions over a variety of topics. The sessions were led by staff and the groups were intimate enough that you could freely ask questions and discuss with other attendees. One of my favorite parts of the conference was having access to one-on-one training during the day. I came to the conference with zero training, and within an hour I had a great grasp on the product, as well as access to tutorials and support staff for when I returned home.

In the weeks since I have been home, I met with my boss and other Foundant users on staff to recommend and implement a requirement that at least one of us attend the conference each year. It is too valuable to miss. We are looking forward to utilizing the valuable tools we have been missing.

If you are a client of Foundant or are interested in the software, you should make plans to attend the 2013 Foundant Summit. Along with fantastic sessions and access to individual training, the network of colleagues, Foundant staff, and new friends will enhance your life professionally and personally!

Thank you to the entire Foundant team!

Can’t wait to see you all next year!

– Carol Killion
Society of Exploration Geophysicists