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Foundant goes on a software buying adventure

Yes, we’re a software company, but we rely on a bunch of existing pieces of software to run our own business. From sales software, to support, to marketing and project management, we’ve grown out of our old clothes and need to go shopping for ones that fit us better. Let me tell you, it’s been eye-opening and not so easy, but it is never easy changing how you do things. Our incredible staff is teaming up to get us through these growing pains, so I’m confident we’ll end up in the right place. I’ve learned a lot starting the process and have no doubt that the next several months will bring more insights and illuminate hopes, disappointments, concerns and roadblocks (both technical and political) that our prospects and new clients go through every day. It’s an adventure, and I’ll be sharing our story with you over the next few months.

As we go through this process, I will share my thoughts on:

  • How  / why we decided to change solutions (part 1)
  • How we chose our new software partners (part 2)
  • Our negotiation process and how that affected the experience (part 3)
  • How we planned for our implementation (part 4)
  • Finally, I will give updates on the process we are going through (ongoing)

We view this as a unique opportunity to better understand our customers’ and prospects’ perspective and make your experiences with us better. I welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing what new things we are learning and will be challenging the team here at Foundant to evaluate how we can do things differently to make the process of buying, implementing and using our software as easy and rewarding as possible.

The next post will deal with how we decided to make the change.  Stay tuned.