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Excited About the New Community

Question: Are you excited for the new Foundant online community?

Answer: Heck yes!

Ever since the concept of the Foundant Community was revealed to me I have been eagerly anticipating its launch. In this day and age we are in a world filled with technology. This technology brings with it an invaluable resource that allows collaboration to occur in real time with little effort. Testing the software for new issues and attempting to repeat known issues can be a very difficult task. Therefore, the feature of the community I am most looking forward to is the “known issues” forum. This will be a place where customers can discuss known issues, and it will give me a unique opportunity to gather information so I can replicate and log the issue.

I am also glad to gain a face amongst everybody. No longer will I be trapped behind the curtain! Participating in the community will give all of us a unique opportunity to improve what we do. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store.

See you all in the community!

Foundant Technologies QA Team Lead

Nick Combs