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Continuous improvement … continuous improvement … continuous improvement … And 500 customers!

I’m not sure if I’ve used an exclamation point in a post before, but it’s definitely exciting to realize we’re approaching our 500th customer. From where I sit, though, what’s even more exciting is the value we are able to deliver to existing customers, to new customers, and to our internal teams. And I believe we are continuing to deliver more value, quicker than ever before.

I probably sound a lot like a broken record when I communicate about our development process and the changes we are making to Foundant GLM. But incremental improvement in process and product is just not that exciting. In that regard, it’s similar to the months of training a triathlete does – it’s just consistent hard work that’s pretty boring to anyone who might notice. It’s only when stepping back and seeing the cumulative effect of the incremental improvements – or the months of training – that most folks can really get excited.

What we’ve been able to accomplish so far this summer reflects a lot of incremental process improvement made over the last few years. And this hasn’t been limited to the development team – our product team has also grown in its ability to translate ideas into meaningful specifications. And the interaction between these teams, product and development, is what really fires me up. The right questions are getting asked, the right people are getting involved at the right time and I’ve been able to spend more time getting feedback from clients on features about which they’ve expressed interest.

When I look at my whiteboard and see the major features we’ve implemented this year (in releases 3.2.0, 3.3.0, 3.4.0, 3.5.0, 3.6.0 and 3.7.0) …

  • major user interface enhancements
  • organization merge
  • reporting pre-filters
  • file imports on migrations
  • applicant-facing and universal comments
  • batch close
  • shared documents
  • approval page improvements
  • organization history access
  • delay in showing decision status
  • mail merge/print packet improvements
  • process/stage-specific notifications
  • URL and email form question types
  • evaluator visibility sharing
  • LOI complete stage
  • evaluator-request assignment visibility

… well, that’s when I gain an even greater appreciation for the impact of continuous improvement.

This isn’t to say we’re getting everything perfect – but we are making a lot of things better. And when we do release something that should be adjusted to really work right for clients, we get constructive feedback on what we should change. And that feedback loop, both in regard to enhancing existing features and addressing missing functionality, will continue to be critical in helping us define our product roadmap and thus deliver the value you want and need.

– Chris Dahl, VP of Development

Chris Dahl on Continous Improvement