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Communication is Key

Communication is something we try to focus on and continually improve. In an effort to communicate what’s being released, we take a number of steps to ensure all our clients know what’s new in the software. Here are the ways we get the word out:

  • Release Notes and a summary of the release, including which Idea Lab items have been incorporated, are emailed to the main contact at each of our client organizations.
  • All Release Notes are posted to our client support site.
  • As a direct result from customer requests at our 2012 Summit, we now hold quarterly client training webinars that discuss the past 2-3 releases and how to use the new tools.
  • We hold live and online User Groups throughout the country.

In the past month, we’ve already held successful User Groups in Philadelphia, Washington D.C and Florida at the GMN Annual Conference as well as an online User Group for our Colorado clients. In April and May, we’ll be on the road to Chicago, New York City, Boston and Minneapolis and then holding online events for California, Texas/Oklahoma and North Carolina. We will also have special User Group sessions at Summit in October, where all the groups will get a chance to get together again, live.

User Groups are great way to get some personal training, give feedback on the software and learn from other clients in your area. We hope you can join us for one or more of these events.

As we move forward, we hope all of our clients will keep their feedback coming. We’ve honed in the Agile process and releases continue to go out monthly. Some of our best features and fixes have come from the Idea Lab where clients have actively discussed their requests and given feedback on GLM. We look forward to future collaboration on how you want your software to work.

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Communication is Key - Software Releasing Process