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Catching up with Releases: A Client Webinar with Grant and Sammie


First off, a big thank you to all who attended the “Catching Up with Releases” webinar on August 28th. To date, this was our largest client webinar! We know taking an hour out of your day isn’t always easy, but it really is the most effective way for us to reach out to so many clients—in this case all 180 of you!

This webinar was fairly important to us, as it was introducing two new roles in the system to the vast majority of you—Grants Manager and Auditor. These roles were a major hot topic in our idea lab, and the first time we have added roles to system. That being said, we are still figuring out what these users should and should not be able to do – which brings us to one of the reasons these webinars are so valuable to us. It is great for us to be able to showcase a feature and then get questions and/or feedback. In this instance, the thought of the Grants Manager role having access to shared documents was popular feedback, which we can now take to our product team.

Another reason we enjoy doing these webinars is all of the positive feedback we receive about the features. The numerous comments we received saying “Thank You” or “I love xyz feature” are great assurance that we are doing the right things in the software.

However, the best part of doing these webinars is getting to touch so many clients all at once. We provide release notes, but we know sometimes things don’t click until you actually see it in practice, and that is what we hope these webinars can do. Our hope is that many of you are able to go in and adapt the things we show in these webinars, which seems to be what most of you do. It is fun to see the flurry of support cases and emails come in asking us to turn on an attribute, and discuss things that were brought up in the webinar.

And for those of you who were not able to attend the webinar don’t worry you didn’t miss out, as it recorded so you can still learn all about:

• New User Roles
• Duplicate Organization Notification
• Email Receipt Verifications
• Foundant Connect
• Shared Documents
• Customizable Time Zones
• Multi Select as a Question Type
• Third Party Questions

Please visit the Foundant Online Client Community to view the recorded webinar and learn more! We hope you all find these as valuable as we do!