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Recognizing the Need for a Change

  Realizing you need to change the software you use to run your organization is rarely a “Houston, we have a problem…” type scenario.  It is really more of a “death by a million paper cuts” situation.  Losing 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there and having to make concessions on the quality of your work every day.  At Foundant, we regularly had discussions on whether …     Continue Reading »

Foundant goes on a software buying adventure

Yes, we’re a software company, but we rely on a bunch of existing pieces of software to run our own business. From sales software, to support, to marketing and project management, we’ve grown out of our old clothes and need to go shopping for ones that fit us better. Let me tell you, it’s been eye-opening and not so easy, but it is never easy …     Continue Reading »

Announcing Foundant’s Disaster Relief Program

Hurricane Sandy is just the latest example of a community needing to bond together to recover and rebuild after a large natural disaster.  Events like hurricanes, floods, tornado’s, and other similar disaster situations often lead to a huge outpouring of support and concern in the short term.  After the initial news stories subside, often the ongoing need for support increases while funds and attention disappears. …     Continue Reading »

Where in the world…???

After the day of skiing, the Foundant Water Bottle met a new friend who was of great help in making the beautiful day end on a great note.

Where in the world…???

As an annual ritual for Father’s Day my son Max and I go skiing (that’s right snow skiing) on the Scenic Beartooth Pass on the border of Montana and Wyoming.  This year we cheated and used the small lift service area on the pass instead of hiking at 10,900 feet.  The Foundant Water Bottle was in attendance and provide much needed hydration.